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I don’t wish to be nasty, but I’ve seen your critique of eateries on WCCO-TV and MSP Magazine.

I am curious what qualifies you to be a critic.

I started cooking in August 1945 when I was 4 years 4 months old. I was widowed close to 14 months ago. For 31+ years I did 90-95% of the cooking at home. My wife came from the former USSR. She cooked ethnic dishes and chicken soup some of the time, but I did the everyday meals + did the grocery shopping except for the short period I could not drive due to a right-knee replacement.

I am allergic to shellfish so could not be a critic for anything involving this food. But I certainly think I am as good as you or perhaps better as I also enjoy wine and have drunk a few of the world’s best like at my wedding table in 1980 when I had 2 bottles of BV’s 1968 George DeLatour Private Reserve considered to be the best wine ever produced in the USA.

[name redacted]

Dear sir,
I encourage you to write. Start a blog, post your own reviews, comment on other food review sites. You can get known that way. There’s a Facebook group called “fortify” – a bunch of food bloggers and writers from Minnesota.

What qualifies me to be a critic? Someone asked me to write for them. That’s about it.

I try to educate myself, I eat out quite a bit, I talk to chefs and owners all the time, I read, I eat, I read, I eat.

But the biggest thing to qualify me as a food critic is that I’m currently writing and broadcasting on food.

Thanks for your note,

(my food writing is in Minnesota Monthly, by the way!)

  1. kevinwatterson said: It’s interesting to consider the qualifications that determine someone as a “critic” of something.
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